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Pilling Fact

  1. Always buy knitwear made from long fiber(Fiber length 34 mm to 36 mm). Initially long fiber Cashmere yarn may not give much soft or cozy feeling. However, Gradually the softness comes once it is worn and used.
  2. If short fiber has been used to make Cashmere Yarn, pilling may occur within short period of use. Short fiber Cashmere yarn makes the knitwear very soft initially (Very soft hand feel), but however could soon lead to pilling problems.
  3. Loose knitting may give a soft feeling initially but later leads to pilling.
  4. Narrow and Tight knitting initially many not deliver very soft feel but it becomes softer after each use.
  5. Long fiber Cashmere knitwear becomes more softer after each wash but to minimize the pilling, Dry Clean only.

To reduce pilling:

  1. Always buy Cashmere knitwear made from long fiber Cashmere yarn.
  2. Buy Knitwear with narrow or tight knitting
  3. Always Dry clean only. Do not wash very often
  4. Use Cashmere comb to remove pills.
  5. Do not rub the garment during Washing.


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