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Care instructions

  1. Dry clean is recommended. Use professional dry cleaners only.
  2. If you want to use perfume, Avoid strong perfumes directly on fabric. Use mild perfume or deodorant and wait a few minutes before wearing.
  3. For washing, Hand wash is recommended. Wash in regular water. Use only mild Detergent suitable for wool or baby shampoo to wash your stuff.
  4. Do not hang your knitwear for drying. It may distort the shape. Use a flat surface to dry
  5. To squeeze water from your knitwear, press it gently. For best result, put it on terry towel and roll up together to squeeze out extra water.
  6. Do not squeeze or twist the fabric.
  7. Put your knitwear away from direct sunlight
  8. Only use dry cleaner to remove stains.
  9. For Ironing, Set your steam iron at medium temperature and put a thin cotton cloth on the fabric. Do not use iron directly on knitwear or fabric.
  10. For storage over a long period of time, wash the knitwear and store on a flat surface. Do not hang.
  11. Pilling is  a normal phenomena specially in natural fiber, mainly Wool and Cashmere. Though this is unavoidable but it can be prolonged with some extra care. Pilling Usually occurs as a result of the fabric rubbing against itself or with other surface. Please click here for extra care


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